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A Peak Behind

The Curtain

The Way Back Sessions have been developed to provide musicians of all genres a quality driven platform to share their music in a live studio setting.  With a format focused on the music, and conversation hosted by Adam W Carter, artists now have the opportunity to share their personalities, stories, and inspirations that aren’t normally accessible from a live stage.  Through engaging interviews based on research to the live audience chat, we never know what’s going to happen.  Our motto in the studio is, “this is LIVE, this is REAL”!


Open Mind

Diversity is key! And in the Western world we all use the same 12 notes.  Each of us has our favorite type of music we enjoy, however why don’t we like other styles as much?  On The Way Back Sessions we strive to open this door and bring a greater understanding to this question.  You may still walk away not liking it but now you’ll know why.  Knowledge, education, understanding, all of this makes for a better world.

Home Decor

Community Driven

From local stars and first time bands to the concertmaster of The Phoenix Symphony and Santa Fe Opera, The Way Back Sessions have showcased them all!  Inspired by the depth and diversity of talent in the area, our mission has been not only to appreciate, but to respond, react and provide a platform for growth.  The music community is world wide and ranges from musicians all the way to music lovers that enjoy listening.  Our community driven approach is expanding to regional and national talent so that we may continue to share the music experience on a global scale.


Live Stream Done RIght

Our goal at The Way Back Sessions is to contribute to opening the wonderful world of music to everyone!  By utilizing professional audio and video equipment in an engaging and eclectic studio, along with the format of the show, we have created a unique musical experience.  We know everyone has a camera. We know everyone has something to share.  We also know that your audience appreciates being able to watch and listen when it’s done right!

A Studio Full of Musicians


Adam W Carter

Adam is a musician first.  Spending decades on the live stage performing, writing music and being in multiple bands has brought an automatic connection with any musician that walks into the studio.  As a professional videographer/ documentarian Adam spent a few years filming and producing a show in Africa.  After his return to the states his desire to be involved with music again developed into a search to build a new band.  And then Covid showed up.

During the downtime an idea emerged.  With a background in audio engineering, being a professional videographer, and having the studio including all of the audio and video gear, Adam thought it would be a great venue for his music.  After a few short days of sharing his thoughts, it was brought to his attention that it was “a great idea but


Kat Carter Broadcast Producer

Kat is a musician first.  Having been classically trained on the viola, Kat received a full scholarship to the university making her the perfect producer for a “music” show.  Kat’s intimate understanding of timing and knowledge of music provide the perfect flow when knowing where the camera should go.  With a natural eye when looking through the “lens”, Kat is a musicians best friend in the studio!


Having spent many years working alongside Adam, Kat has assisted with multiple video projects as well as being a creative consultant to other musicians.  Kat’s priority is making musician look great on camera.  Her warm personality and calm demeanor provide a complimentary balance to the otherwise chaotic setting known as “Going LIVE”!  She is the heart, soul and voice of Studio B.

WBS Steven & Stephen-5_edited.jpg

Jake sevier
Lead Audio Engineer 

Jake is a musician first. As a multi-instrumentalist with decades of live performance experience and countless sessions under his belt, Jake applies his professional ear to dial in the required quality necessary for each broadcast. Having been involved with The Way Back Session since its infancy, his evolution from background support to front of house sound was a natural progression.


Every session is different and it takes a talented individual to navigate each and every situation that arises.  Between his vast knowledge, professional approach and a sprinkling of humor tossed in for good measure, Jake provides the levity in the studio necessary to keep both the music rolling and musicians happy, he is the jester of Studio B.


Brian Pristelski
Audio Engineer/ Consultant

Brian is a musician first.  With decades of experience playing live on stage while crafting tasty bass lines, Brian has gained incredible musical knowledge based on quality.   A is still discussing if having an “ear for music” is a genetic gift or an acquired talent.  All we know is that he has that ear and applies it towards each and every musician that walks into The Way Back Sessions.


Over the years Brian has been Adam’s music foil and go-to collaborator on multiple projects.  Drive and quality encompass everything he does promoting a standard of expectation to be met during every show.  Bringing his depth of technical ability, audio background and musicianship together with the quality required by The Way Back Sessions, he is the silent hero of Studio B.

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