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The Way Forward

Our goal is to engage youth who exhibit curiosity in the broadcasting side of the arts. By showcasing the “behind the scenes” talent necessary to run a live show, we will instruct on the components surrounding audio and video production as well as the hosting element.


This program will encompass workshop style instruction specific to the visual, virtual and music arts focused on livestream video broadcast production.

The program will be open to age groups 14-20 with no restrictions due to gender or ethnicity.  The Way Back Foundation will work through our network as well as with other like-minded foundations to identify the artists that exhibit an interests in this programs side of the creative process. 


The workshops will be held on location at The Way Back Sessions studio or at Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Center facilitated by the Way Back Foundation production team.  It will begin with verbal communication and direction followed by written worksheets resulting in hands on use of the equipment.

Making Music


The Way Back Sessions exists as a weekly live-stream broadcast showcasing musical diversity in the community through delivery of high quality audio/video and hosting interview segments. There are only 12 notes when writing, playing, composing or listening to music.  By giving equal weight to all musical styles, from rock to country, hip-hop to jazz and classical music, our organization helps to educate and break down musical barriers that exist.  This education extends to all participants in the studio and to the audience as we discuss how music is created, the inspiration behind performance and song writing and what influences styles.


In the same way The Way Back Sessions provides this value to the artists, it is our belief that this workshop program will place individuals in a situation that they normally would not be exposed to.  The behind the senses production is equal to what happens in front of the camera.  By exposing youth to other areas of the live-stream creative process, from video production to audio engineering, running cameras and hosting a show, more opportunities to be involved will be realized.


Each discipline will have the opportunity to work closely with the instructor to gain as much knowledge about their roles as possible. The result will be a youth run show with a shadow instructor to help with any issues that may arise.  Live shows are a serious challenge the bring with it unknown issues. The goal is to deliver a live show broadcast on YouTube that the participants can share as well as having it promoted by The Way Back Foundation. Depending on how much assistance is required to facilitate this end result, it is possible that the live broadcast be pre-recorded to air.  This will be determined by the abilities of the participants in each discipline.

Making Music


By pulling the curtain back and exposing these opportunities we are able to open the door to new ideas and approaches to be involved.  With the state of the world in 2022 and with virtual live-streams becoming more prevalent, we maintain that exposure to these ideas will lead to a quicker realization of the endless opportunities towards future jobs and career choices.

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