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The Way Back Foundation, inc
a 501c3 nonprofit corporation

Uniting The World's generations though music

Uniting all generations through all genres of music and breaking down musical barriers.  From rock and hip-hop to county and classical, each musician shares the same 12 notes when creating music.  Through conversation, education, technology and communication, we aim to bridge these boundaries by expanding our community consciousness and sharing all things musical.

Our Story

The Way Back Sessions were developed to unite all musical genres and break down musical barriers. 
In 2020 the initial problem was clear, no open venues, no live music. As a musician, videographer and studio owner, founder Adam W Carter had the initial vision to set up and live-stream his own music. It quickly became apparent that this vision was too narrow and that so many people, musicians and fans alike, could benefit from this opportunity.
The premise was never to replace the live music experience. The multi-faceted approach was:
  • Present diverse musical genres to cross pollinate audiences and musicians by
  • illustrating the commonalities in music.
  • Provide musicians and audience with a place to gather, listen to live music and move
    forward on our way back to sharing the live music experience together.
  • Provide musicians and audiences with a format to intimately engage audiences,
    share personalities, influences, stories, how songs are written, etc.
  • Educate everyone about the music being presented.
As Arizona’s Premier live streaming venue we expose musical commonalities between genres and styles for musicians and fans. We provide an accessible quality driven platform putting musicians in front on an audience they would not normally have access to. Through a curiosity driven format guided by your host and participating audiences, together we are able to learn and discuss on a level that breaks down the barrier between stage and audience.
Moving forward, our goals are to make The Way Back platform accessible to a greater number of artists and promote talented youth while exposing them to a larger and more diverse audience worldwide.

Meet The Board


Adam Carter

Founder & President

Adam is the visionary and creator of the ever evolving platform called The Way Back Sessions.


Kat Carter

Co-Founder & Vice President

Kat Carter is the cofounder of The Way Back Foundation, Inc & broadcast producer.


Jason Campos


Jason's creative outlet is through design. He is the design director at Chewy, Inc.


Steven Moeckel


Steven is the Associate Professor of Violin Studies at Northern Arizona University as well as the Concert Master


Benjamin Carter


Ben is the Design Strategist & Business Development at CustomInk.

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